Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone Still Loves You

She was an odd little girl, I know. Could I have helped myself? No.

I fell hard, I did, and once it was done, I had to move on. See, I was ill. Ill in love with a girl like her. Question is, will she see? No, sir, she's long gone! So I gathered my army and charged after her. "We're cursed!", but she heard nothing. "I said we're cursed, you and I!" Nothing? Nothing at all?

Then it hit me; my, oh, my, cursed was I!

Yes, I loved you, odd little girl once mine. I loved you, will you not miss me? Odd little girl; lie.


  1. damn

    maybe im emotional lately, but this made me cry .... i soo need a hug now :(