Monday, August 10, 2009


He asked if he could rest his head on my lap, I agreed. Same old, same old? His hair tickled the insides of my thighs, just like it always did. I giggled and ran my fingers through his hair, as always. Then he looked at me, but in his brown eyes I saw something new. My eyes spoke a story of its own, opposite to his. It lied, my eyes lied and he knew it. He slowly brushed his hand against my arm, and I didn't mind. Somehow his lips settled into mine, and it felt good. It felt new. It felt... different. He pulled away but I pulled him back. He gave me one of his lazy smiles and asked if I wanted him to stop.

I didn't answer, I didn't have to.

"I can't do this. What will this do to our friendship?"
"It'll add a whole new variety of fun activities we could do together."
"What will it do to him?"
"This has nothing to do with him. He's the past, I'm the future."
"He is the past, but you're not my future."
"What am I?"
"My friend?"
"What am I? Tell me"
"You.. you can be my right now."
"Your right now."
"That's all I can offer for now; probably all I can offer for good."
"I'm not one to complain."
"That's a refreshing change."
"Change is good."
"You're change."
"I'm change."
"And what if you decide you want more?"
"I won't. I'll only take what you give me."
"I promise nothing."

Change! Sweet, glorious, exciting change. I like you, change... I like you a lot.


  1. Woman!
    Welcome back.
    You seriously took your sweet time posting :P
    To be honest, I really think the only way a girl and guy can be friends is if they surpass that level of attraction between the genders.
    As for change, not something I wholly believe in (especially regarding people), but I guess a part of it is truly inevitable.

    Really enjoyed the post.
    And do try not to disappear again ;)

  2. How can you take something so simple and turn into that?!
    Seriously your way with words and just your story-telling in general is amazing. Consider writing music, I'll find you a decent composer, you just deal with the lyrics :p

    Change is inevitable. Now whether we accept it or not is a whole other issue. I personally am a sucker for change. But some people cling to the past like nobody's business.

    And as for the girl-guy friendship, yeah, I really think it works. I know a lot of girls who are friends with guys for more a little over 10 years and they're nothing more than friends. But see, that's cause there was no initial attraction. Now if there was an attraction from the beginning, then that relationship is definitely heading for the worse.

  3. You're good. Really good. When I like a blog I always go to the first post always interesting